A mobile game based on 'Doolhof', a boardgame made by Ravensburger. The goal is to collect treasures in an ever-changing maze and deliver it to the core before falling off into the deep end. 

  - Unity
This years theme was 'The Core'. We created a maze which changes endlessly. The tiles around you are moving and falling when they are pushed off the edge. These mechanics allowed us to create the feeling of being in a unique maze every two seconds. 

This game was made during the yearly 48 hour game jam of 2020 organised by Digital Arts and Entertainment and received 2nd place. We later decided to port the game to mobile platforms and released it on Android and IOS. 
My contribution
Gameplay code

Ziggy Van Onacker
Alec Beelen
Floris Leysen
Tibau Van den Broeck
Jens Lelie
Oscar Tulkens