2D action shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The player is an Ork who is searching for his hair squig. 

  - Unity
  - Rewired
  - Photon
  - PlayMaker
  - Spine
I have been working on this project right from the start. We started out with two programmers, and expanded near the end of the project to five programmers, two of which are interns.
By working in this fully networked project for two years, I learned a lot about multiplayer coding. I created various systems such as Weapons, Movement, AI etc. I was in charge of all audio implementations. We had an external team working on the sounds with which I coordinated.  
The game will be available on all platforms, this gave me another opportunity to expande my porting skills. 
During the development of the game there were numerous times where we needed a tool to speed up the process. Most of which were written by me. This is where I developed a lot of interest in creating tools for the Unity engine. For instance, I created a tool that allowed us to create and edit 2D AI navmeshes. 

This game will release later this year. 
My contribution