In this paper I researched the correlation between cognitive tasks and pupil size.

  - Unity
  - HTC Vive Pro Eye
In this graduation work I investigated if I can determine and visualize cognitive load during a VR experience. I compared data from two cognitive tests, one test  contained light intensity changes whereas the light did not change in the other test. 
With the use of a calibration test, a software package was achieved which used the VR technology to determine the size of a pupil and analyze related psychological feelings. The psychological effects on the pupil size are additive to the physical ones. Based on this outcome, an algorithm can be made which compares a main task or VR experience to a calibration test. 
The results of these tests show that we can extract the necessary information to determine cognitive load during a VR experience. Most of the encountered problems, like the difficulty of determining the light intensity inside the
head-mounted display, were solved while working for this graduation paper.
My contribution
Solo project

Jelle Demanet
Geoffrey Hamon
Thomas Goussaert