A game where the goal is to clear the map from enemies using Diablo-style abilities and movement. 

  - Unity
  - Mirror for networking
During our final group project at DAE, we created this game with a team of 6. Ready to take on new heigths we wanted to introduce something we never tried before. This resulted in an online multiplayer game. 
I was in charge of networking the game. I also offered gameplay code support and bug fixing where necessary.  We used FMOD as our sound engine for which I did all of the implementations. 
In the game you can pick from three different character classes. Each of these classes have a set of abilities which help you battle the monsters on the map. 

This game was made in 10 weeks. We amazed our supervisors by bringing the project to such a succesful end. I learned a lot in terms of networking and being part of a team. 
My contribution
Networking code
Gameplay code
Sound/Audio Implementation

Oscar Tulkens
Robin Van Dijk
Floris Leysen
Laura Schreurs
Faust Messely