Climbing game where Joy Con motion controls are used to reach the top of the mountain.

  - Unity
  - Joy Con to PC implementation
During this project we wanted to challenge ourselves by using unconventional controls. We used a plugin to get the gyroscope values from Joy Con. This allowed us to implement Wii-style input. We used perlin noise to generate a random map each time you play, which also allowed us to create an endless mode. 
Component-based workflow made it possible to add different types of tiles. Due to the time pressure a game jam brings, we chose to only add three types of tiles: Unusable, usable, usable with directional input. 
Tiles can only be held onto for a certain amount of time, this is communicated via player feedback in two different ways, you can see the hand on screen becoming red and the Joy Con will start vibrating in your hand. 

This game was made during the yearly 48 hour game jam of 2019 organised by Digital Arts and Entertainment. It received 2nd place. At the Game Pitch Cafe it was praised for its unique concept by multiple investors and ranked 1st amongst full scale projects.
My contribution
Gameplay code
Joy Con implementation

Adam Pype
Jens Lelie
Floris Leysen
Oscar Tulkens